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Kentucky E85 Gas Stations

Kentucky has 9 public E85 gas station.

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E85 is 85% Ethanol and 15% petroleum Print a map to gas stations selling E85 from map quest.

E85 Stations in Kentucky Total = 9

City Name Address
Covington Kroger 4303 Winston Ave
Frankfort Kentucky - Motor Pool Private 368 Warsaw Street
Hopkinsville Max Fuel Ft. Campbell Blvd
Lexington University Kentucky N3 Agricultural Sciences North
Louisville Thorntons 2700 Fern Valley Road
Madisonville Quickstop 730 Princeton Pike
Mayfield Max Fuel Express 100 East College
Murray Murray State University private 200 Transportation Building
 Paducah Pugh J. Midway 6801 Cairo Road

E85 Gas Stations in Kentucky


Our e85 list is always in flux , if you know of an e85 station in Kentucky that is not on our list please share it on our forum Planet E85

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