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California E85 Gas Stations

California has 7 public service station that offered E85 Fuel as of  Oct 07. California does have 3 Private E85 fueling locations , one at Vandenberg Air Force Base and the other at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory . It is surprising given California's stringent emissions laws that ethanol and E85 isn't in wider use but with such strong emissions Laws we expect California to come on board with strong Ethanol support within a few years if not sooner.

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California Ethanol / E85 Incentives

Consumers: none
Producers: none

E85 Stations in California  Total = 10   7 of which are public

City Name Address
Berkeley  Berkeley National Laboratory Private
Carlsbad Shell Station 2741 Gateway
Concord Chevron 2001 Willow Pass
Hayward Chevron 525 West A Street
Livermore Lawrence Livermore National Lab  
Lompoc Vandenberg AFB 1705 Air Field Road
Los Angeles Conserv Fuel 11699 San Vicente Bld
Oceanside Texaco 1660 Oceanside Blvd
San Diego  Pearsons Fuels 4067 El Cajon Boulevard
Tulare Stanelys 2959 N M Street

E85 Gas Stations in California

Print a map to gas stations selling E85 from map quest.

Our e85 list is always in flux , if you know of an e85 station in California that is not on our list please share it on our forum Planet E85

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