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Volvo S90 E85 use

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Welcome to the sight Mike!


Running E85 on a non-FFV will cause a lean air/fuel mixture.  The cars computer will usually adjust the mixture up to around 40-50% alcohol with no CEL(check engine light).  Some may even go up to 60%, it just depends on the limits set in the cars computer. 



Yeah, I was one of the lucky ones, my car [stock 1998 Cavalier] handles e85 just fine, no CEL at all. It shows about a +30% LTFT so I know it is working just fine. I have run about 200 or so gallons of E85 so far. I did replace my fuel filter though after about 600 miles ($10).


As long as it is winter blend [E70] it pops right off at -30 degrees! On "real" E85 it takes a couple tries if it is colder than about +50 degrees outside.

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