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ethanol water usage

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I just did a Dogpile search and found this


Tony said...


    Lets try and get all the proper information out to the general public and not a bunch of bits and pieces which tilt the argument one way or another. Speaking from the ethanol stand point the process requires about 0.5 gal water per gallon of ethanol produced. The rest of the water usage in an ethanol plant come from cooling tower evaporation and blowdown as well as boiler blowdown. I know these are factual statements since I have been designing ethanol plants for the past 13 years.


    Now, you stated that the refineries use about 0.5 gal water/gal of processed crude oil, however these numbers do ot include the cooling towers or the boiler blowdown. Lets get these numbers into the equation and then make our comparison.


    Tony - Ethanol Designer

    October 23, 2007 4:16 PM 

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