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A first in Speedway history

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The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is affecting all of us - in one way or another. I am off work through at least mid-April - and it’s looking like that may be extended per Governor Whitmer’s order. Its effect on the economy and society of the entire world can not be understated. 

However one issue is catching my eye that few around me are paying attention to - ethanol pricing. In the wake of the disappearing sedan crisis (where we have suddenly decided we need SUVs, trucks, and minivans), coinciding with difficulty in finding an FFV, ethanol pricing seems to be struggling to compete with gasoline.

The other day, checking Speedway fuel prices as I routinely do, I noticed something odd - E85 is 5 cents MORE per gallon than regular gasoline. Now at first, I thought this was a fluke. After all, I made noise here, at the station itself, and with Speedway corporate about store #2213 at 6329 West Saginaw Highway in Lansing. Back in 2014 and 2015, I caught spreads that looked as ugly as this one the day after Christmas in 2014. 3D489A71-146E-4485-8B15-ADC70BEFE2E9.thumb.jpeg.5e303d3e479778bf92fdf8b3f78bee8c.jpeg


But it was just a fluke. As 2015 wore on, and even with gasoline plummeting to near $1/gallon in February 2016, Speedway still maintained a $0.20 spread. However, after checking through as many store prices as possible through the Speedway app, I can confirm that they are selling at a negative spread at stores in several states. I saw as much this evening at the Old Town Speedway on the north side of Lansing. I first noticed Speedway sold E85 at select stores near I-94 in 2012, and then their numbers proliferated in 2013 and 2014. At no time since they began selling the fuel here have I seen a negative spread at Speedway en masse.B61A843D-F770-49ED-A427-BDE86CD86951.thumb.jpeg.c92461eedbb31efc30bea720a37cb223.jpeg59E8D484-169F-4DA3-A923-FB800DD850CE.thumb.jpeg.812bda0d6aef7fa8ba7ab9098148584f.jpeg

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