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E.B. Cornburner

What's going on with the selection of FFVs??!?

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And, when will John Deere, or Case, snap to an e85 tractor?  Eventually, for sure.

I don't know if I can agree with that...Look at almost every new tractor sold today.  They're almost exclusively diesel.  The gas-burners went the way of the dinosaur back in the late '60s for tractors from what I've seen.  The modern diesels deliver much more torque (the most important thing) than a similar displacement gasser, and also have lower maintenance requirements.  Now, if a dedicated E85 engine were available, it might fare better than a gas-burner, but the power and torque curves will still be lacking compared to a small turbodiesel.  The fuel efficiency would also be a problem, as the little diesels can seemingly go forever on a gallon of fuel.  Even a lot of the commercial lawn and garden tractors are going diesel...Kubota was one of the pioneers in this field, and several others have followed suit. 


I don't think it would catch on real well.  On the other hand, old gas tractors are very easy to convert to  burning E85.  Many farmers with older gassers are showing some very large interest in conversions, which is incredibly simple. 

One old farmer runs a John Deere "B" on E85 and puts on demos at an antique tractor show every year.  I talked with him a bit last year, and shared my knowledge about the fuel and how it works.  He simply poured it in the tank with no additional tuning.  I noticed it was probably a bit lean as his exhaust pipe was all blue and overheated looking, and I said he should run it richer (a simple turn of a screw) and possibly add some more timing to it.  He really appreciated my input and told me he'd try it.  I'll see how it worked this fall at the upcoming show.

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