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How does Renew stations handle insurance using blender pumps

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Marty- talk to the (NEVC) National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition (home office Missouri). Phil Lampert is the top and will make time for folks like yourself- if he is not in-at least ask for the contact info for the Iowa rep. they have. They are familiar with Iowa's rules and may be very helpful to cut to the chase on this. They were very helpful to me when I was first starting out. It has sounded like Iowa is trying to be California again ;) but I suspect you have a powerful state employee in their permitting process who has a "chip on his shoulder" or is hung up on the UL issue. Iowa was the state where supposedly some oil boys questioned the insurance companies about the safety of E85 fuel systems- but if this were the case this should be an insurance issue nation-wide. That is why I feel it is an overzealous state employee who believes he has all the answers- heck, Wisconsin first told us we would need tank agitation to prevent water from settling out. Once we stopped laughing ::), we showed them how this was not required due to the properties of ethanol and they have for the most part been reasonable though we still have to remain active in education so that when they write rules they are appropriate.

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