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E85Prices.com ..Report wrong Addresses, Closed Stations etc..

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FYI...What is listed as:



106 South Main St.

Nashville, Tennessee 


is not there...I've found that there is a Mussers, with the same address, in Nashville, Michigan...Also, the proof was that the phone number listed on E85prices.com is area code "517", which from another website I checked, is in Nashville, Michigan...


The one in Michigan is listed correctly (though I haven't been there)...Please remove that listed in Nashville, Tennessee.





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1 Stop/Phillips 66, 10798 W Jewell, Lakewood Colorado - CLOSED

Green Mountain Shell, 12410 W Alameda Parkway, Lakewood Colorado - NO E85


I'll keep looking around, but it's getting sparse in the Denver Metro area.





Sorry to hear that erik..I'll de-active those.



I know I sound like a broken record on this but as long as the only thing corn and ethanol care about is "volume" (E10) then THAT is what will kill off good prices spreads and E85



Once again.,.. for those new to this .. Ethanol as an additive (E10) accounts for 99% + of all the ethanol produced in the United States...yes the drought did not help this year but the bottom line is over production of ethanol as an additive pushing corn prices too high for high blend ethanol like E85 (about .05% of ethanol production) to be competitive on pricing.



As CONSUMERS we really need to see the allowable limit for corn ethanol lowered .. instead of E10..E5  ..that would drop corn prices like a rock and the price spread between gas and E85 would widen.. get the fast buck speculators OUT of the ethanol Industry and bring/leave in the LONG term steady growth investor ..  Those willing to actually invest in the long term development of getting high blend (E85) to the market..



At least until  next generation ethanol (MSW, cellulose , algae etc..) get roling





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really, a "price spread" between the cost of ethanol and gas for the ethanol industry (and by that corn growers) is a BAD thing... it is money left on the table.  It good thing for the oil industry.  It allows the oil industry to blend in cheap ethanol into expensive gas, and get paid by the consumer.


With the price spread narrowing and the RFS (Renewable Fuel Standard) in place, the oil industry is mandated/required/forced to buy the ethanol, regardless of the price.  The oil industry still HAS to buy ethanol for blending, and the consumer still HAS to buy the e10 blended fuel (well in most states)... so short of a new technological breakthrough in the ethanol industry that sees much more and cheaper ethanol on the market that removes the one feedstock (corn) supply problem... this will continue.  That or we see so many corn acres come on next year to take advantage of the historically high prices, and the drought doesn't continue, and we see a massive surplus of corn next year, causing a glut on the market, and corn becomes cheap...


Unfortunately, this means acres taken out of production of wheat/beans/barley/sorghum/cotton... so the production of those crops lessens, causing their prices to go up...  So many variables.  My crystal ball has become quite foggy, hard to read....

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Hey Dan, the 1302 Main Street Murray, KY station has been closed for awhile now but it's still on the list. Could you please remove it?


This station reopened for business, it's a BP owned by the same guy that owns the Mayfield BP.

$3.47 for Regular and $3.27 for E85.


There's another BP a block down main street but this one is right across from the DQ.

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Another one in Illinois



108 East Washington

Oregon,IL 61061


Not real surprising one.  Bad spreads from the minute this pump went in.  They were always coupled the price of E10.  20 to 30 cent spread at the max.


Replaced with B0 on road diesel.

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