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Ethanol Days of Summer Contest Returns

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The third annual Ethanol Days of Summer Contest started on Monday. Each day we will give away $50 in free fuel to a random price submitter, go to www.ChooseEthanol.com/summer for a list of winners! Good luck!

 You can find more details at the link below:




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Here is the first round of winners, the next will be drawn on June 1:


27-May wkshinn
28-May Thatlifeguard
29-May Apiccininni1
30-May Fueledup94
31-May ethanolkicksgas
1-Jun Indiana
2-Jun Bear1
3-Jun vacleancities
4-Jun Rack
8-Jul synapser2005
6-Jun lori.madison13
7-Jun CornProne
8-Jun AzDragonLord
9-Jun SubaruH6
10-Jun gogreen
11-Jun PureMichigan2.5GT
12-Jun Tenbenselj
13-Jun cguigar
14-Jun ChemEmang
15-Jun xprss
16-Jun combatnerd

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