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Two new Speedway stations around Lansing

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After much waiting, we got two more Speedway stations with E85 that raise an eyebrow for a couple reasons. 

In Lansing:


This Speedway station is about 300 feet from a Meijer station which filled in a sizable E85 gap in the area back in September 2014. Until now, Meijer has only set competitive price spreads when Speedway had exceptional price spreads elsewhere in the area (back when it was close to $1). That was due to a lack of direct competition in that part of the area. Now however, Meijer is competing directly with Speedway. Good to know though that Speedway still doesn’t care how hard it is for some of us to get to the E85 pump. I guess they can only be bothered to install one pump out of 7 double-sided pumps. 

Heres the station info:


6041 South Pennsylvania Avenue

Lansing, MI


Latitude: 42.669459915038

Longitude: -84.537767171860


and the other location, in Charlotte, fills in a major gap to the southwest of Lansing. I’ve been wanting E85 in Charlotte for a long time. This makes 17 total E85 stations in the Lansing metro, and 10 Speedway locations with the fuel. 


Here’s the info:


687 Lansing Street

Charlotte, MI


Latitude: 42.574242030048

Longitude: -84.821791648865

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