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So I had this idea...

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Now, I dont know how feasible or practical this would be.  It is just a crazy idea that passed my mind, and I thought you all might appreciate it, or at least get a laugh out of it.


A lot of the energy consumed in ethanol production is in heating the still, right?  Well, I had an idea on that front.


Solar power!  Now, I'm not talking about solar cells or electricity or anything like that.  Get ready for this:


A big reflective mirror.


It doesn't have to be perfect, heck, it doesn't even have to be glass.  Just something to focus sunlight down on to the boiler part of the still.  Have an automatically controlled set of shutters to control heating.  There you go.  Free heat, at least while the sun shines.  Conventional natural gas could be used as a backup.


So that's my crazy idea.  Would it work?




I haven't been to this sight for some time but this should be interesting for you:





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