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MY 2017 ethanol usage

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From the E85 pumps= 418.57 gallons     From the E15 pumps= 35.2 gallons    From the E30 pumps=1.8 gallons   From the E10 pumps= 370.5 gallons


Closest E85 pumps are 17 miles from my home in southwestern Pa.    Usually bring and fill three Jerry cans full of E85 when I "fill-up".     I do not have a vehicle with a wide band oxygen sensor but I do use a E85 add on convertor kit in my 2005 Escape Hybrid.    $1.61 is the cheapest I paid for E85 in 2017 at Speedway in Gaylord, Michigan.    I got E85 in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin during my travels.   Sheetz (major gas and convenience store like Kwik Trip) moved to make E85/E15 available at stations I listed four of the first five states listed but is lagging big time in their home state of Pennsylvania.   Sheetz is a family owned cooperation with its headquarters in Altoona, Pennsylvania.  I found the Nuvu station about 20 miles east of Grand Rapids, Michigan a real treat to stop at.   Kwik Trip continues to roll out E85/E15 pumps in Wisconsin with one opened in November in Eagle River where the a family home is located.      

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