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Updates to Website & Mobile Application

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RFA is working on an update for both the website and the mobile app, and hopefully you will begin to see much needed changes in the coming weeks. This is long overdue and we have had issues finding good people to work on both. That said, we are moving forward and I am sure we don't know everything that folks would like to see changed. If you have a suggestion, please reply here and we will evaluate each one accordingly. We value your input and participation.


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When doing a quick search and you select MO for Missouri it shows cities for Mississippi. You have to pick MS to see Missouri cities. It would be a nice start to fix that bug.


It would also be nice if the app showed the price discount as a percent like the website does in the app or even better yet allow users to enter their mileage for various ethanol blends and have the app calculate the cost per mile for the various fuels offered at the station using the dollar per gallon in the app.



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