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New Speedway in Batavia, IL!

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1495 E Wilson St

N Kirk Rd Batavia, IL 60510

Phone: 630-406-0241    


It's not on the E85 App yet, but is listed on Speedway's app and site as well as on GasBuddy's site and app.  It's a huge station that has 10 pumps with the ability to fill 20 cars and/or light to medium duty trucks at the same time, plus each pump offers gas, E85, AND , Diesel, each with it's own nozzle to fill from!  On top of that, they also have pumps for big trucks with DEF at all but one pump and a small kitchen that's open 24hrs with a small spot to sit down and eat!  


Almost forgot, Aaron and I were going to meet up there tomorrow around 1pm.

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Hot damn, this store was amazing! I must say I was thoroughly impressed.


It's a large store, with a ton to offer. Inside, you have an inviting tan design on the walls, and most notably, a Speedy Cafe. Speedy Cafe is a relatively new concept for Speedway. The cafe makes specialty foods such as subs, pizzas, burgers, fries, and breadsticks. They make specialty drinks such as smoothies and frappes. Note to anyone who gets a chance to go into a cafe store - the French Vanilla frappe is AMAZING! I have to have my caffeine, and as such, I always order mine with an espresso shot. Unlike other chains that produce specialty coffee drinks such as Biggby and Tim Hortons, I can not taste the espresso. How it works is as follows. You walk up to one of 3 touchscreen kiosks, and order a specialty food or drink. The kiosk prints out a receipt showing your order number, the items ordered, and the price. You take this receipt up to the register where they scan it, and you pay for it as you would any other purchases at Speedway. This has been a highly successful endeavor for Speedway, and seems to drive business in by the droves. We have 3 Speedy Cafe stores in the Lansing area, 2 of which carry E85 at a pump.


I can not convey how amazing it is that they have 10 dispensers totaling 20 fueling positions, with E85, diesel, and gasoline at EVERY one! At the time Joe and I met, the price spread was only 10 cents/gallon, kinda lousy. Business inside the store seemed slow, with only 4 or 5 customers that I could recall coming in while we were talking, with 6-10 customers getting fuel.

But here's the thing - they have E85 at 20 fueling positions! We all know gasoline will go back above $4/gallon. When - well, that's up for discussion, with a ton of ambiguity present. But when it does, need I remind you that this station has E85 at EVERY pump? Let's say regular gasoline is at $4.29, and E85 is at $2.59. Illinois, in my experiences, is very friendly to ethanol. They'll sell the living sh** out of E85!!! Forget trying to keep the tank full.


I've been begging either NUVU (which is a cooperation between Petersen Oil and Propane and the folks at Carbon Green BioEnergy), or Anew - which has the station out in Cambridge NE, and has just opened a new station west of Grand Rapids, to put in a station here in Lansing. Neither one has made plans to do so that I'm aware of. I've said multiple times that any station which puts E85 in at every pump around here, will be the only station to get my business. I've complained dozens of times to various Speedway store managers, corporate, friends of mine, and here on the forums about how difficult it is to get E85 around here. Plus, think about it. There are plenty of other folks who might not be as zealous about ethanol as I am, but they still believe in the fuel. They want to use it. But both sides of the only E85 pump are taken, so they would have to back up to a car and wait, or pull up and wait. Most of these folks are in a hurry, and will likely just go to the next available pump to get E85. This new station in Batavia makes my life, and the lives of other E85 users, IMMENSELY easier. So what gives, has Speedway finally listened? Are they taking a page out of the RaceTrac playbook, which does the same thing?


Another detail I noticed almost right away is the tags that Speedway places above the pumps. Nearly every chain puts tags above the pumps, mounted to the poles which hold up the canopy, which indicate the pump number. They all do it differently, but follow that same general idea. Some chains such as Speedway place special tags above the pumps to indicate other fuels that are available in addition to gasoline at that pump. RaceTrac, for example, places large decals on the sides of each pump, as follows.post-2293-0-92547000-1456275448_thumb.jpeg


Speedway places this information on its own tag right above the tag which indicates the pump number.

Here is what E85 looked like, before they switched the name of the product to "Ethanol Flex Fuel":



Now here is what it looked like after the name was changed to "Ethanol Flex Fuel":



Now here is what they look like at the store in Batavia. Notice how the color coding has been switched between E85 and diesel. Now, instead of diesel having a yellow tag and E85 having a green tag, now E85 has a yellow tag and diesel is green. This is the nationally accepted standard - E85 should be marked by yellow nozzles and signage, and diesel should be marked by green nozzles and signage.



Now I'll post some other pics of the station. I must say I was THOROUGHLY IMPRESSED. I'm just praying that Speedway starts building stores like this here in my neck of the woods! It's not practical for me to drive out to Batavia every time I want to get fuel.


For some reason, my interior photos are too big to upload. Here is a link to my album of station photos for this Speedway.









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