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E85 for $0.77/gallon? Only in Swartz Creek, Michigan!

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With the tumble in prices, I've been more and more anxiously watching the Mobil on Morrish Road in Swartz Creek, right in front of I-69 Exit 128. Two weeks ago now, we had a gasoline price hike to $1.79, taking E85 with it. I figured we had finally hit the price floor, and were on our way up. But I my prediction was wrong. Not only have we gone lower in price, but we've gone much lower. Gasoline is retailing for $1.27/gallon in Swartz Creek. Thanks to this yellow-hose-participating station, E85 is 50 cents/gallon lower! I can not even begin to convey to you all how difficult it is to wrap my mind around the concept of the gallon amount exceeding the total sale. It makes about as much sense to me as driving on the left! To boot, we got 26 miles per gallon!


This must be the lowest price ever heard of in the country that wasn't a result of promotions or member discounts.


On Sunday in Flint, I put 10 gallons of E85 in my dad's car for $7.31!


At the end of December 2014, I truly thought E85 below $1/gallon was a thing of the past. Again, I was rather shortsighted with that assumption. Gasoline has gone much lower than it had then. So perhaps even this isn't the bottom?


I'd also like to point out the Patsy Lou BP on Corunna Road in Flint. Back in August, gasoline had spiked to $2.99. At the time, $1.89 for E85 was great! Now, the price is rather lousy. Never in my lifetime did I think I'd see a 60%+ price drop for the price of any fuel... much less in 5 months. I will post the before and after pics here. I bought some fuel off their hands to help move some volume (yes I bought at a negative spread several times, once fighting with the dad over it). The price has dropped, but not by enough.







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