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Speedway reaches 300 E85 stores!

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I have just confirmed with store personnel at two new stores today, one of which was a remodel, and the other a brand new build, that they carry E85.


According to the tally I have listing all Speedway stores, this has taken us to 300 total stores which carry E85. I was hoping for a goal of hitting 300 this year, and with a month and a half plus several more stores still having yet to come online, we have more than hit that. These two stores put Speedway at just under 12% of stores carrying E85... even factoring in all of the Hess stores that have been brought into the chain.

For those of you who are interested, here is a link to my spreadsheet keeping tally of Speedway's progress: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?page=view&resid=5E42C0B764D38C1!106&authkey=!AMiNsfkdpD0bSIU


This is a big step for Speedway, whose president is on the record saying that he believes E85 is the answer to several concerns.


Here are the stores:



2980 John R Road

Troy, MI




605 North Jackson Street

Tullahoma, TN



Both stations have been submitted through the add station form.

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