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An absolute BOATLOAD of new stations in Detroit!

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The funny thing is that I'm an Uber driver now. I've driven in Detroit on Friday and again this past Monday, and it seems to be going well.


I bring it up because while driving clients or on the way to pick up clients, I've encountered so many new stations my head is spinning. I'm working on submitting them through the app, and I'll post them in a new topic here soon. I've found 20 since Friday... all of which are currently unlisted, all of which I have personally confirmed visually carry E85.


And here's the really funny thing... I've seen a ton of people use it. The spreads are sorry a** excuses for spreads, some as bad as 30 cents in the negative. None were better than 15 cents in the positive. And people were buying E85! I waited behind someone getting E85 in a newer Jeep SUV, and while I did that, someone in a Pontiac G6 - which had a very limited run of flex fuel being only available in one engine... right before Pontiac was phased out - backed up to the other side and got E85 himself. I filled up there too. This was all at an 8 cent spread. I walked in to prepay, and the woman told me they sell through a ton of it, even at that horrible spread. Makes me wonder how much they would sell if the spread was over $1.


I'll attach pics here actually. Again, I'm working on submitting them. I also have 30 or so I found last month.

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