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Ever since this particular Speedway location converted a second diesel tank over to E85 around the beginning of August 2013, it has been at the top of my attention. Why? Well, I wonder if Speedway knows that this store carries E85. It seems as though they've forgotten.


Speedway has effectively pioneered the concept of the "price spread", bringing more stations and station chains on board to the idea, as opposed to keeping E85 at a fixed price based off of the price they paid for it - regardless of what regular E10 does. At just about all of their stores, Speedway sells E85 at a fixed discount to gasoline. Generally when gasoline drops 12 cents, so does E85... and when gasoline spikes 35 cents, well so does E85. That's the way it's supposed to work, anyways. Store #2213 located at 6329 West Saginaw Highway does not keep with this tradition. It is one of only two stores in the entire Speedway chain that have consistently broken with the price spread practice that Speedway employs - the other being a store in Kentwood, Michigan. We have since seen a second Kentwood store convert its kerosene tank over to E85 this past August.


As a result of this Speedway location keeping a frequently fixed E85 price, the spread often goes negative - as it has the past couple days. Conversely, this has also resulted in a positive spread that is much greater than any other store in the area. Just back around Christmas, I caught pictures of a price spread that was so horribly negative, it was like watching the Hindenburg. On Saturday and again yesterday, I walked into this Speedway store and asked a couple of employees point blank - "does Speedway know this store carries E85"? They've said yes both times, the second kind of annoyed. The shift manager I spoke to gave me a spiel about how E85 is just that expensive, and told me that it's very costly per barrel right now - even though E85 is not typically sold by the barrel. She then proceeded to tell me that the Speedway store just down the road also had E85 at $2.24/gallon. Slight problem - 7310 West Saginaw Highway doesn't carry E85. The nearest Speedway store to hers that carries E85 is in fact keeping a 20 cent spread, selling E85 for $2.02/gallon as of last check. The Meijer station, less than a mile to the east, is also keeping a 20 cent spread. This Meijer station is one of the first locations in the state to receive E85, nearly 10 years ago.


I will attach some snapshots I've taken of the pumps and the price sign.








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