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A personal request from everyone

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Hey everyone!


I've been casually taking pictures over the years of price signs, and occasionally at the pump. Looking back, I've found it quite nifty to see picture of old price spreads, and to see how they've changed over the years. I am a history bug, and I actually enjoy seeing old pictures from 2008. I have pictures of horribly negative price spreads, price pictures from 2008, pictures of stations from 2008 - before they were renovated, a picture showing an E85 price of $0.49 matched with a regular price of $1.49, and more.


I'm also saving any and all newspaper and magazine articles I find about oil, ethanol, and anything to do with energy. I've purchased numerous USA Today and other local newspaper articles talking about how OPEC has refused to cut production, flooding the world market with cheap oil.


So here is my request to you all. As you go out and about, can you take pictures here and there of prices at stations you happen to encounter? I do specifically request pictures with E85 or other ethanol blends in them, but I'll take pictures of any fuel prices. I post them in a photo stream for which I will provide a link below.




These pictures can be of the pumps themselves, of the station signs, or any combination of the two. I'm also asking for any newspaper or magazine articles regarding energy. Thanks everyone! Message me and I'll give you my cell # so you can send me the photos with ease. I'll attach examples of what I'm talking about below.




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