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Black Knight

Fiat 500 Abarth

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So life circumstances may move me to purchase a different vehicle - long story, it involves the memory of my parents, my morhter recenlty passed away. My late father was a Veteran, Air Force, many metals. As a child I will never forget him telling me when he was stationed in Italy how he loved a tiny car when he was there, he raced his buddies, they would all beat him in the straightaway, but into the corners he would always catch and then pass them. He said it was one of the most fun cars he had ever driven. I never found out what car it was but I never forgot the story. Other than that one small I assume Itialian vehcile he didn't like small cars or anything but domestic brand vehciles.


I currently own a 2015 Chrysler 200S AWD and we are leasing a 2013 Chrysler 200 Limited V6 (both FFV and run on E85 95% of the time). The lease on the 13 is drawing to a close. I was thinking of my wife taking over the 15' and me purchasing an Abarth to commute with - small itailan car (like what my dad had). It is NOT flex fuel.. but...




Hope it is not a rule violation to post a link but in case it is and it gets removed, ATP sells injectors for running E85 on an Abarth or Dart 1.4T or Renagade 1.4T, no tuning required, just drop in E85 injectors at the cost of 395$.


Not nessecarily going to do this (buy an Abarth) but I am thinking about it and if I do I will not run it for very long without the E85 injectors. I figured I'd post the injectors for informational purposes.

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I talked to somebody a while back who had a Abarth that was cranked up to around 220hp on premium, that car with similar mods and burning E85 could be quite fun, an quicker than your '13 200 too!

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