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Speedway E85 branding change!

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Because we finally got the sun out in full force today, I decided to check out the Speedway on Jolly and Dunckel. I saw a crane as I was driving north on US-127 before I got off the exit for Jolly Road.


I would have posted this in the Speedway discussion forum, but I decided that this is a significant enough topic of discussion to have its own topic.


Anyhow, Speedway is now emphasising the word "ethanol". Instead of "E85" on one line with "Flex Fuel" on two lines next to it, they have "Ethanol" on one line and "Flex Fuel" on the line below it. The sign above the pump itself now says "Flex Fuel" next to the corn logo. Speedway has gone so far as to brand it as their own, instead of simply putting "E85" in the sign, and a few stickers on the pump saying how it isn't a "Marathon product", etc. They have a specific pump graphic, and specific signage and advertising. I find it quite interesting actually. I'll try to get better pics of the pump itself tonight.





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Well, it is more descriptive and accurate. E85 is not 85% ethanol exactly as the fuel has a wide bandwidth of ethanol content. The Speedway description hits to core of the fuel use. Flex vehicle and flex fuel. Also, a better description to keep fueling mistakes at a minimum. Someone seeing a practiced and informed ethanol user splash blending at an E85 pump and deciding themselves to give it a try w/o knowing anything. Running to mechanic when the check engine light appears only to receive expensive bill and horror warnings of E85 use. The naive customer can quickly ascertain ethanol flex fuel for flex vehicles. Yes, the warning label on all pumps say the same, just another description to inform public. Wonder if they would get confused with non yellow gas cap indication of no E85 or if they even have a flex vehicle? Guess you can't cure stupid. Once in a while they fill up on diesel. As a child I once filled the tank with water hose. Should be o.k. if parent doesn't know. Oh, just thought, maybe the description allows them an even a bigger range of ethanol content mix? They may not need to be regulated to E85 specs and thus allow Speedway max flexibility per blending mistakes and flexibility per supply and cost considerations?

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