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My 2012 Charger... one year later!

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I can't hardly believe that it has been an entire year. My budgets have been heavily strained, and it's hard to pay for this car. But it is heaven on wheels... and powered by E85! I've burned all of 15 gallons of gasoline or so (accounting for the E15 I had to put in back in January, and the gasoline I had to put in around Labor Day).


I got the keys from the seller exactly one year ago today. He sold the car to me at 54,231 miles on June 4th, 2014... and as I predicted, I may actually hit 100k by the time I turn 22 next Wednesday!


Here's how it has been:

-I knew the Charger wasn't designed for driving in the snow or cold, but wow, this was way worse than I thought. Moral of the story, I must make sure I have a solid set of snow tires on the Charger for next winter. I had also received a tip from several folks to put several sand bags in the trunk to weigh it down a bit. Since our winter retreated so early and quickly, I only got to test them once. They made a significant difference. I must admit I wish I had done that sooner.


-I had to install an engine block heater. The Sebring was (and is) almost impeccable in the extreme cold, and is very dependable. The Charger, yeah not so much. But the heater was a VERY wise investment. I had some repairs done on the Charger after it slammed into a curb right at the start of the new year, and it was sitting in the H&H Mobil parking lot for 10 days. It would not even crank, let alone start. Thankfully H&H sent someone over to jump the Charger, and he did so for free. The engine block heater cost $300, but aside from one time, I did not have any issues starting the Charger after it was installed.


-Fuel economy has taken some wild swings in the past year. I got fantastic fuel economy over last summer, and then it turned south for the fall and winter. It increased a bit this spring, but then went south again as the classic Michigan potholes have taken their toll on the suspension. I have had the suspension aligned twice, and will have to do it a third time on Monday.


-it has turned lots of heads!

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it has turned lots of heads!


Pics of the car... :)


We used to have a gallery here where users could post their own pics. Not sure if we still do. Possibly was a feature of the previous forum s/w.

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