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Closed stations/Stations that have pulled E85

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I know, I know, we hate to see this happen. Believe you me, I do very much. But in the interest of accuracy and avoiding misleading customers, we gotta delete listings that have closed or pulled E85.


Ideally, I'd like to get a subsection/child board for this topic, instead of posting it in the "Announce New E85 Stations" subsection, but this is something we can do down the road.


First order of business. James48843 has informed us that the Mobil at 40401 West Michigan Avenue in Canton, MI has dropped E85, and I am seeing that the Sunoco on 2275 West Stadium Drive in Ann Arbor, MI has closed.


These stations have both been removed from the E85 prices database.

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On a price run around Flint this evening, I noticed 0.00 in the spot for E85 in the price sign at the Beacon and Bridge in Swartz Creek, MI. B&B is a Michigan chain with stores throughout the state. I was hoping they would start adding E85 at more stores, but they have gone the other way. Instead of pricing it well, they have dropped it. I have confirmed it with a station employee this evening.

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Going through the MFA Break Time locations in Missouri, I've found a station that has closed. I'm sure I'll find more.


MFA Break Time

2101 West Ash Street

Columbia, MO


2603 East Broadway Boulevard

Sedalia, MO


MFA Break Time

100 West US-40

Sweet Springs, MO

(dropped E85)


MFA Break Time

1517 East 1st Street

Maryville, MO

(could not confirm)


This station DROPPED E85...

8314 Liberty Road

Jefferson City, MO

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885 E. Touhy Ave.

Des Plaines, IL


Closed for remodeling.


They appear to have acquired adjacent property for the rebuild so they may have a new address when reopening. . . and hopefully more than one E85 pump . . . under the canopy for a change. . . and a marquis that promotes the E85 prices

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We're finally starting to see renovations of stations that have already added E85, which means it's no longer an "experimental fuel" for some. This is good!


However, I'm checking through stations in Florida, and U-Gas must have sold some stations to bigger name companies, which ripped out E85. Most locations are still U-Gas, and carry E85, so these stations that changed hands are only a few.


Here's one that appears to have permanently closed.



16701 NW 57th Avenue

Miami, FL

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