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Innovate LC1 and XD16 gauge question

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I had a fuel injector die (injector started leaking out of the side), so the shop I took my car to just bought 4 all new injectors.  Their flow was a bit different than my old injectors, so I thought I would install this Innovate LC1 and XD16 that I have had sitting around for a few years and adjust my FPR myself.  I got it all hooked up and calibrated.  Initially I set the LC1 to ethanol and XD16 to lambda.  The XD16 has two LEDs, one for AFR/Lambda and another for percent.  On my unit the percent LED stays on always.  I tried switching the LC1 to gasoline and the XD16 to AFR, but the LED for percent still stays on.


Why does the XD-16 percent LED stay on?  Why doesn't the LED for AFR/Lambda come on?



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