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A couple of ideas for the E85 price app and site

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So I've been thinking about this one for a while. There are always some stations here and there where the E85 is out of order, be it because they've run out, or less positive reasons. It would be awesome if there could be a check box towards the bottom of the screen for each station, so that users can check it when they report prices. That way, we don't have users of E85 prices going to stations only to find the E85 is out of order. A user can then uncheck the box when they see the E85 setup is functioning at that station.


Also, I thought it'd be awesome if we could have a spot on the page for each station to attach photos of the price sign or of the pump - I know we've all posted prices that are hard to believe. I am now in the habit of taking photos of the station sign and of the pump, for archiving purposes, and I'd love to post them more frequently.



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That is what the comment box on the price forms are for...reporting closed stations etc..


Aaron I have thought about letting users ad photos as well but the problem is it would make the pages load more slowly

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