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For those of you who got a chance to look through the Speedway database I posted a link to, you may have noticed a category called "stations to watch".


I learned last year that a large part of the reason that Speedway is adding E85 at such a rapid rate (again, it is necessary to state the disclaimer that I am NOT complaining) is because they have two underground diesel tanks at many of their stores, and they are simply converting one of them to E85. Speedway has quite clearly streamlined the process and although they haven't been pricing E85 well lately, I think they are doing some things right.


So when I find a station which appears to have this setup along with newer pumps, a station which has closed for renovation, or a new build that I am unable to confirm until they open, I'll add it to my watch list and post it here. That way, if I don't get a chance, someone else on the forum can investigate these leads as well. And please, by all means, if you see a station you think may be adding E85, post it here!


I am adding two stations to my watch list today:

Speedway in Mason, MI and Speedway at 3398 Grand River in Howell. Note that these locations do not yet have E85, but I think it is possible in the near future.

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I'm adding the following Speedway stores to my watch list:


1) 95 68th Street, Coopersville, MI

2) 134 East Michigan Avenue, Saline, MI

3) 461 Butternut Drive, Holland, MI

4) 687 Lansing Highway, Charlotte, MI

5) 712 South Creyts Road, Lansing, MI

6) 2000 Lake Lansing Road, Lansing, MI

7) 3514 East Bristol Road, Flint, MI

8) 7321 North Alger Road, Alma, MI

9) 7765 East Old M-78, Haslett, MI

10) 9601 Highland Road, White Lake, MI

11) 33430 West 8 Mile Road, Farmington, MI - right across the street from a Valero that yanked E85 in '13.

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