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Some negative price spreads in Michigan... and I mean REALLY negative.

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I've been mentioning this for a while now, but Speedy Q continues to dump salt in the wound. And right across from the Lapeer Michigan State Police post.


And speaking of the Michigan State Police, I saw so many state troopers today, my head was spinning. I saw several clusters of 3-4 of them on the freeways and ran by them through a large chunk of my Flint price run this evening. I've never seen so many of them on the roads or hiding in one day. Kinda makes me nervous seeing as how I'm a 21 year old in a Dodge Charger exactly like their Chargers. And as if that wasn't enough to make me paranoid, one accelerated onto the freeway behind me immediately after I passed them in two separate instances. Had to take a break because I almost had a heart attack...


I bring this up because yet another Michigan state trooper was parked directly in front of the price sign for the Shell in Holly, MI. I wasn't about to get in serious trouble just to take a picture of a price sign... so I got a lower quality pic from the other side.


The Lapeer Speedy Q is in the first two pics, and the Holly Shell is in the second. We didn't even have price spreads this poor during the 2008 price crash, following the 2012 drought, and during the ethanol price spike this past spring.





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Following up on this post...


While E85 can be found for less than a dollar per gallon across the Flint metro (even as low as 77 cents/gallon in nearby Swartz Creek), it is STILL $3.24/gallon in Lapeer, Michigan. Frankly, even I am beginning to wonder why they're still selling it. I keep thinking they'll drop the fuel, claiming it isn't selling well. Here's the kicker: the price hasn't changed by more than a penny per gallon in at least 3 years.


So I present to you, what has to be the worst spread that could ever be conceived of.


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I would have thought in the mid-west the price spread would be good and E85 would be very inexpensive.


There are only a few stations around my neck of the woods with a decent price spread, 120th and Holly they have E85 for 1.31 per gallon last I was there. Also one on Highway 52 and I-25 was 1.41 recently. Otherwise E85 costs + or -10 cents of "premium" unleaded.

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It depends on the station, around here, Speedway is the only one with a positive spread around here ($.10 below) with the rest ranging from a mild negative spread ($.05 over) to a downright insultingly negative one ($.58 over?!)

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