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Dan, I'm going to do you one up... $1.19 in Lowell, MI!

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Also keep in Mind E85 volume makes up a very small percentage of total volume a 25 million gallon per year plant ..  a few hundred thousand gallons ..to increase that sales volume they need to run the price as low as possible to get NEW E85 sales.


To get the attention of the guy that always thought about putting E85 in his tank but could never bring themselves to do ..UNTIL  seeing $1 less per gallon .. !     You wont convert anyone to at least try E85  at 30 cent spread ..$1 gets their attention



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So back to why I had posted his topic, I decided to go to Lowell again today to fill. Had to put in 2 gallons at a 5 cent spread to make sure I didn't run out on the way.


E85 price: $1.069/gallon! J&H also has a rewards card they call "Family First" where you make purchases on certain items to earn per gallon discounts, and you also earn 5 cents/gallon off for every $20 spent.


Anyways, now that I have a job with them, I've been accumulating discounts a little faster lately. I went to the station with 35 cents/gallon in discounts. I know I drive an excessive amount, but even I will admit that the price I paid now beats the 85 cents/gallon I went out to Omaha to pay back in June... setting a new record low price!





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