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Oh Mazda, why can't you make flex fuel vehicles?

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Even though Mazdas are Japanese, as are still some Subarus (many are made in the US now), I kind of want one. Both Mazda and Subaru are donating to charitable causes through Christmas. Mazda has been pounding out the ads everywhere that they're donating an hour of their time for every test drive, and $150 to a charitable cause of a buyers choice for every new Mazda sold.


Neither make FFVs. Just kind of thinking out loud here. Thoughts?

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I was actually out on their site looking at their little SUV's that would be competitors for the Ford Escape.   I really like their styling on their vehicles, and it seems like they are getting some excellent MPG ratings out of their "SkyActive" branded technologies.  (It's really Body Weight, Transmission programming, and Engine design all rolled into one marketing slogun).  My only problem was the low towing capacities, but that may not be a limiting factor for me in the near future as I think I'm selling the camper anyway.


If they used E85, they would be at the top of my list for a test drive next purchase cycle for sure.



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