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White Lightning E85 Conversion Gone Haywire

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My White Lightning E85 Conversion installed in July has gone haywire.



Three weeks ago, I started receiving Lean Fuel warnings while operating in automatic mode. Not knowing whether the lean fuel condition occurred under startup or when warm, I ticked the cold startup enrichment from 10% to 20%. That just made for bad stumbling while warming so I returned it to 10%. That lead me to believe the AUTO mode wasn't calibrating correctly.


Meanwhile. A smog test request came in the mail. Rather than battle the issue, I decided to return to normal E10 fuel, so I could pass the emissions testing then return to trouble-shooting later. Still in auto mode with a splash mix of ~E20, the car ran well for about 20 miles after the fillup, then suddenly the engine was misfiring at all throttle settings. I could barely keep the engine lit. The check engine light was winking. Finally, I pulled over and chose the manual Gasoline setting - no fuel enrichment. Everything ran smoothly thereafter and I arrived home without further incident.


The next moring, with a cold start, the engine shuddered violently. I shut it down and confirmed it had neither initiated cold-start mode nor changed from Gasoline mode. No matter, when I started again, it was less violent so I decided to drive off in hopes it would smooth out. It got worse! I returned the four blocks I had driven and extracted the kit.


I am ready to claim warranty replacement.


Is there possibly something I missed?


What are others experience with this product?

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I had a less than encouraging email exchange with a White Lightning representative. I explained my issue, requested troubleshooting instructions and received no further correspondence. I'd be willing to try again provided I can get some guidance, but White Lightning offered none and I have little confidence in the product.


If anyone can offer assistance, I would certainly be willing to give it another go and get some value from my purchase.

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