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All Ethanol Plants that Blend E85

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As we all know ethanol plants that Blend their own E85 (instead of blending done at oil refinery)  are able to offer E85 to retailers at a huge discount..and as long as that discount is passed on the E85 consumer gets  a really good deal


So Over the next few Months lets put together a list of all the Ethanol Plants that Blend E85 right at their plant and I'll add those Plants to each State E85Prices.com/minnesota  so that retailers can immediately see  that they can buy E85 right from the Ethanol plant near them and at a far better deal than they are getting from the oil companies.   



I believe this is really an important way that we can help E85 consumers and retailers ..as the "word" gets out it will also put pressure on the oil companies/refineries to lower their E85 blending prices as well


Anyway .. I'll create a separate  page  for the Ethanol Plants...    anyone that wants to participate simple start calling ethanol plants http://www.ethanolproducer.com/plants/listplants/US/Existing/Sugar-Starch/   asking if they blend their own E85 and post those that do here



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As far as I know, all plants previously owned by VeraSun have the E85 blending infrastructure at the plants themselves. This includes, of course, Carbon Green BioEnergy in Lake Odessa Michigan, several Valero plants, and many others. We've been wanting to do something like this for Michigan, but as far as I know, Carbon Green BioEnergy is the only ethanol plant in Michigan that has E85 blending infrastructure at the plant itself.


Great idea Dan!

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Dan- ACE acquired the old Utica facility which was set up well to blend E85.


A plant that is selling a lot of E85, E15 and E30 thru its large number of C-stores is United Coop in the Milton area of Wisconsin. They have blender pumps in their stations so I do not know if they plant blend or in the retail pumps only. BTW- I paid 1.98 for E85 at one of their stations 2 days ago.(E10 was 2.98). I told the Poynette attendant about your website and to share this with her manager in Milton that does the pricing- when I checked a few days later she said she had done so.


Valero got the old Renew 100,000 million gal plant- it was set up to receive railed in natural gasoline and even blends E100 with nat gas to make it's E95 as it is loaded into rail cars and trucks (no premixed E95 in advance). What a waste of a great facility with 4 load lanes and two blender load arms. Valero will never load a drop of E85 there unless strong RIN economics come on--but the last time this happened Valero was just one of the complainers rather than use what they had.

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