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Really Alex's? Really???

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I had to do a double take when I saw this. A 0% spread at the Shell in Holly?


This station is know for having excessive pricing because of their proximity to Interstate 75 and due to the fact they are the only folks off exit 101, but this is ridiculous.


Diesel folks have enjoyed a very nice slide in diesel prices the past few months, but with use of other petroleum distillates such as kerosene and heating oil are on the increase for this time of year, diesel prices are back on the upswing. But this is just ridiculous. $4.299/gallon for regular diesel and $4.099/gallon for OFF-ROAD diesel! Regular diesel is $3.89 at many places around Lansing!


Kerosene is $4.999/gallon.


This is the other part that got me. Okay, so midgrade and premium gasoline use have been on their way down BIG TIME ain't recent years. As such, retailers have been forced to pass the increase in price onto consumers. I thought that 20 cents/gallon between the 3 grades of gasoline out by Joe was excessive. But this takes the cake. I'll attach some photos, and let you guys see this for yourselves. I'm debating whether or not I should make an attempt to reach out to the owners of this station... they may be pricing E85 this poorly on purpose.




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Why have a sign for the price per gallon for cash and for credit if your just going to charge the same price?? :huh: Apparently E85 pricing isn't the only thing they have fuel pricing issues with. It looks like it would be a lost cause to say anything to these jokers.

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I've got a theory about that, EA. we actually have a few stations around Lansing that post cash and credit prices on their sign which are always the same. I'm guessing it's the placebo effect. People think they may be getting a discount by paying with cash, and so they pay with cash.

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