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Sikeston price is good ... well, better than gas, anyway

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OK, so we have returned home from our westward vacation having found E85 (when we needed fuel) only in Sikeston.  I know it's available in Dexter and Charleston, too, but we didn't need it then.  On the way out (last Friday night), Sikeston's Break Time station had the goods for $2.54 a gallon.  Coming back tonight (ok, last night ... it IS 3 AM here), it was $2.44 a gallon.


Gas was $3.14 going out, $3.04 last night.  So the 19-20% differential remains.  Kudos to MFA Oil!


BTW, we averaged 19.5 MPG on E85; anywhere from 17-23 on gas.  Bear in mind that all estimates are on a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan running with 6 people on board and a whole mess of luggage.  Probably a good 5500-pound beast being pulled by that 180-hp 3.3 V6, for sure.  We don't understand how to "pack light."


Sorry for the long post, but hey, it's info.  ;)

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