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Excellent Prices coming out of Texas - Kroger

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Your welcome Dan! I like to try and keep the prices as current as possible. That way if people don't post and just look on the app for prices they can see them. I am actually very happy with the prices we have been seeing down here since gasoline started dropping. As I'm sure most on here already know Kroger has a 50 cent set spread tied to the gasoline. So the cheaper gasoline is the cheaper E85 will get! Also the New RaceTrac near me is half the distance that the Kroger I use to purchase from was. Surprisingly, the RaceTrac is usually cheaper or the same on their E85 price than the Kroger. Also, RaceTrac keeps roughly a 50 cent spread but sometimes its a tad less and sometimes it is a tad more. I am wondering if the price of gasoline continues to decline here if we will be able to see E85 for under $2 a gallon. It would be nice to see for sure! 

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