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Some Common Engine / Tuning Terms

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Here are a couple I can think of off the top of my head (just kidding, this is a refined list from turbobricks.com)



a/c = Air Conditioning

a/f = air fuel ratio

ABDC = After Bottom Dead Center

ABS = Antilock Braking System

ACT = Air Charge Temperature (see also IAT)

ACTS = Air Charge Temperature Sensor

ACV = Air Cut Valve

AFC = air fuel controller, a piggy-back controller

AFM = Air Flow Meter

AFR = air fuel ratio

AFS = Air Flow Sensor (see also MAP, MAF)

AI = Air Injection

AIV = Air Injection Valve

al = aluminum

alum = aluminum

AIS = Air Injection System

ALB = Anti-Lock Brakes (see also ABS)

ALDL = Assembly Line Diagnostic Link

ALU = Arithmetic Logic Unit

AMM = air mass meter (see also MAF)

APC = Automotive Performance Control, a stock saab version of a ebc

APH = Air Pre-Heat

a-pillar = the part that connects to the windshield that support the roof

APS = Absolute Pressure Sensor, or Atmospheric Pressure Sensor

ASV = Air Supply Valve

A/T = Automatic Transmission

ATDC = After Top Dead Center

ATF = Automatic Transmission Fluid

ATS = Air Temperature Sensor

ATX = Automatic Transaxle



B+ = Battery Positive Voltage

BAC = By-Pass Air Control

BACV = By-Pass Air Control Valve

BAP = Barometric Atmosphere Pressure

bar = barometric pressure, 1 bar = 14.507 psi,

BARO = Barometric Pressure

bat = battery

batt = battery

bbc = big block chevy, or the british broadcasting corp.

bbf = big block ford

bbl = barrel, refering to the number of venteries in a carburator

BCDD = Boost Controlled Deceleration Device

BBDC = Before Bottom Dead Center

BDC = Bottom Dead Center

BHP = Brake Horse Power

BMAP = Barometric/Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor

BOV = blow off valve

BPA = By-Pass Air

BPT = Back Pressure Transducer

BTDC = Before Top Dead Center

Btu = British Thermal Units

BVSV = Bi-Metallic Vacuum Switching Valve

BVT = Backpressure Variable Transducer



c = celcius

cad = computer aided drafting

CAN = canada or canadian or Controller Area Network

CANP = Canister Purge Solenoid Valve

Cam = Camshaft

carb = carburator, of California Air Resource Board aka smog nazi

CAS = Crank Angle Sensor

cat = catalytic converter

CC = cubic centimeter, or combustion chamber, center cap, or complete classified

CCC = Combustion Control Computer

CCP = Carbon Canister Purge

CD = Capacitance Discharge, or Compact Disk

CDI = Capacitor Discharge Ignition

Cel = celcius, or Check Engine Light (see also MIL)

CESS = Cold Engine Sensor Switch

CF= carbon fiber

CFI = central fuel injection, a tbi system generally refering to v8 injectors,

cfm = cubic feet per minute, a flow rate for air

CI=Continuous Injection, aka K-Jet, aka CIS

CID = Cubic Inch Displacement, or Cam Input Device.

CIS-E = Continuous Injection System - Electronic

CKP = Crankshaft Position Sensor

CMP = Camshaft Position Sensor

CO = Carbon Monoxide

CO2 = Carbon Dioxide

conv = converter, or torque converter (see also TC)

COP = Coil On Plug ignition

CPI = Central Port Injection

CPR = control pressure regulator

CPU = Central Processing Unit

CSI = cold start injector

CSSA = Cold Start Spark Advance

CSSH = Cold Start Spark Hold

CSV = Cold Start Valve

CTO = Coolant Temperature Override

CTS = Coolant Temperature Sensor

CTUS = Coolant Temperature Valve Switch

CVC = Constant Vacuum Control

CVCC = Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion, Honda Term

CVR = Control Vacuum Regulator

CVS = Constant Volume Sampling

CVT = Continuously Variable Transmission, an Automatic with out Gears



d = diameter or depth, or distance, or dual carburetor, or Diesel

dB = Decibels

DCC = Diagnostic Circuit Check

DCM = DC Motor

DD = daily driver

DEFI = Digital Electronic Fuel Injection

DFI = Direct Fire Ignition

DEE = Digital Engine Electronics

DFS = Deceleration Fuel Shutoff (see also Fuel Cut)

di = diameter inner (see also ID)

dia = diameter

DICS = Dual Intake Control Solenoid

diff = Differential, or Difference

dis = distributor-less ignition system, or Direct Ignition System, or Digital Idling Stabiliser,

dizzy = distributor

DME = Digital Motor Electronic

DMM = Digital Muilti Meter

DMV = Department Of Motor Vehicles

DOHC = Dual Overhead Cam

DOL = Data Output Link

DOT = Department of Transportation, USA

dp = down pipe

DPF = Diesel Particulate Filter

DPI = Dual-Plug Inhibit

drev = derivitive, or drive unit

DTC = Diagnostic Trouble Code

dui = driving under the influence, generally drunk driving, or Davis Unified Ignition

DVM = Digital Volt Meter

DVOM = Digital Volt/Ohm Meter

dwi = driving while intoxicated, generally drunk driving





E2PROM = Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (aka EEPROM)

EACV = Electronic Air Control Valve

EAI = Electronic Advance Ignition

EBC = Electronic Boost Controller

EBCM = Electronic Brake Control Module

ECA = Electronic Control Assembly

ECAT = Electronic Controlled Automatic Transmission

ECCS = Electronic Combustion Control System

ECI = Electronic Controlled Injection

ECM = Engine Control Module, or Electromagnetic Compatability

econ = economy (as in economy mode)

ECPS = Electronically Controlled Power Steering

ECS = Evaporative Control System, or Evaporative Emission Control System

ECT = engine coolant temperature sensor

ECU = engine control unit

EEC = Evaporative Emission Control

EECIV = Electronic Engine Control (Version IV), A Ford System

EEPROM = Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

EFC = Electronic Fuel Control

EFCA = Electronic Fuel Control Assembly

EFE = Early Fuel Evaporation

EFI = Electronic Fuel Injection

EGO = Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor

EGT = exhaust gas temp

EGR = Exhaust Gas Recirculation

EGRC = Exhaust Gas Recirculation Control

EGRPS = EGR Valve Position Sensor

EGRT = EGR Temperature

EGRV = Exhaust Gas Recirculation Vent

EHA = Electro-Hydrolic Actuator

EHC = Exhaust Heat Control

elect = electric

EI = Electronic Ignition

EICV = Electronic Idle Control Valve

EL = Electronic Load

ELB = Electronic Lean Burn

EMI = Electromagnetic Interference

EMR = Electronic Module Retard

ems = engine management system, engine computer

enem = a performance camshaft company

eng = engine

ent = event or entertainment

EOBD = European Onboard Diagnostics\

EOD = Engine Output Data

EOS = Exhaust Oxygen Sensor

EPROM = Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

ESA = Electronic Spark Advance

ESC = Electronic Spark Control, oe Electronic Speed Control

ESD = Electro-Statically Discharge

et = elapsed time

etc = et centera, and so forth

EVAP = Evaporative Emission System

EVP = EGR Valve Position Sensor

ex = exhaust or exchange

exch = exchange

excl = excluding



f = fahrenheit

FAQ = frequently asked questions

f/b = floor board

FBC = Feedback Carburettor

FIAV = Fast Idle Air Valve

FICB = Fast Idle Cam Breaker

FICD = Fast Idle Control Device

FD = Low Compression Fuel Injection

f+t = a non-turbo motor, thats had a turbo installed

flex = flexible

FPR = Fuel Pressure Regulator, or Fuel Pump Relay

fm = frame, or frequency modulation

FMIC = front mounted intercooler

fnt = front

FP = Flex Plate

FPED = Full Power Enrichment Device

FPM = Fuel Pump Monitor

FPU = Fuel Pressure Up

fubar = messed up beyond all repair

fw = flywheel

FWD = Front Wheel Drive



GDI = Gasoline Direct Injection

gen = general or generator

GM = General Motors, makes include chevy, pontiac, cadilac, etc

gn = Grand National, a turbocharged 80's regal v6

GND = Ground

Golden Rule = Drink Until She's Pretty

GPM = Grams Per Mile, Gallons per mile

GVW = Gross Vehicle Weight

GVWR = Gross Vehicle Weight Rating



h = heigth, or right

H20 = Water

HAI = Hot Air Intake

hawt = hot, good

HC = hub cap or hydocarbon emissions

hd = heavy duty or harley davidson motorcycle, or hard drive

HEGO = Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor

HEI = High Energy Ignition

hg = head gasket, or mercury

HIC = Hot Idle Compensator

hid = high intensity discharge

hi-po = high performance

HO= High Output

HO2S = Heated Oxygen Sensor

hp = high pressure, or horse power

hr = hour

hrs = hours

ht = hardtop or high temp, or High Tension

HUD = heads up display

hwy = highway



IAA = Idle Air Adjuster

IAC = Idle Air Control

IAT = Intake Air Temperature

IATS = Intake Air Temperature Sensor

IC = Intercooler, or Integrated Circuit

ICU=Ignition Control Unit

ICM = Ignition Control Module

ICS = Idle Control Solenoid

ID = inside diameter

IDM = Ignition Diagnostic Monitor

IDS = Inferred Distance Sensor

IFI = Indirect Fuel Injection

IFS = Independent front suspension

ign = ignition

ILC = Idle Load Compensator

IMA = Idle Mixture Air

in = intake, or inches

inj = injector

int = interior

I/O = Input/Output

IRS = independent rear suspension

ISA = Idles Speed Actuator

ISC = Idle Speed Control

ISMP = Idle Speed Mixture Potentiometer

ISO = International Standards Organization

ISS = Idle Speed Stepper

ITC = Inlet Air Temperature Compensator

ITCS = Ignition Timing Control System

I-TEC = Injection-Timing Electronic Control

ITS = Idle Tracking Switch



JAS = Jet Air System




KAM = Keep Alive Memory

KAT = Catalytic Converter

kHz = Kilohertz

K-Jet= Bosch K Jetronic (mechanical fuel injection) aka CI, aka CIS

km = kilometers

KOEC = "Key On, Engine Cranking"

KOEO = "Key On, Engine Off"

KOER = "Key On, Engine Running"

kPa = Kilopascals

kph = kilometers per hour

kps = kilometers per second

KS = Knock Sensor

KV = Kilovolts



l = length or liter

Lambda-Sond= an independent electronic system using an O² sensor to adjust fuel mixture on K-jet fuel systems; also Swedish for oxygen sensor

lag = low, or the time delay from depressing throttle to full boost on a turbo

lb. ft. = Pound Feet

lcd = liquid crystal display

led = light emitting diode

LHD = Left-Hand Drive

LOS = Limited Operation Strategy

lp = Liguid Propane

lpg = liquefied petroleum gas

LPR=Line Pressure Regulator (K-jet)

lsd = limited slip differential

LWB = Long Wheel-Base

LTFT = Long Term Fuel Trim



maf = mass airflow meter

mag = magnessium, or magazine, or custom wheels

maint = maintence

man = manual, or manifold

mani = manifold

MAP = Manifold Absolute Pressure

MAT = Manifold Air Temperature

MBC = Manual Boost Controller

mbl = mobile

MC=Master Cylinder (brakes)

MCS = Mixture Control Solenoid

MCT = Manifold Charge Temperature

MCU = Motronic Control Unit, or Mixture Control Unit (KE-JETRONIC)

MCV = Mixture Control Valve

mdl = model

MEMCAL = Memory Calibration Unit

MEMS = Modular Engine Management Systems

MFI = Multi Port Fuel Injection

mi = miles

MIL = Malfunction Indicator Light

min = minimum or minute

mis = an engine misfire, engine skips a beat

mm = millimeter

mnt = mount

mod = modified or moderator or modular

mods = modifications or moderators

MON = Motor Octane Number

MPC = Manifold Pressure Controlled

MPFI = Multi-Port Fuel Injection, were one or more injectors per cylinder

MPG = Miles Per Gallon

MPI = Multi Port Injection

MPH = Miles Per Hour

MPS = Motor Position Switch/Sensor

MPV = Multi-Purpose Vehicle

MS = megasquirt or microsoft, or milli-second

MSD = multiple spark dist, a brand name

ms&s = megasquirt and spark

MTR = motor

MTX = Manual Transaxle

mV = Millivolts



n/a = normally asspirated, or non-turbo

nawz = nitrous oxide, a ricer tease,

nb = narrow band

NDS = Neutral Drive Switch

NGS = Neutral Gear Switch

nm = newton meter (a torque spec)

no = number, or no

no2 = nitrous oxide

NOS = nitrous oxide, brand name

NOx = Oxides of Nitrogen

NOZ = nozzle or nitrous oxide

NTC = Negative Temperature Coefficient

NVRAM = Nonvolatile Random Access Memory



O2 = oxygen sensor

O2S = Oxygen Sensor

OBD = Onboard Diagnostics

OBD I = Onboard Diagnostics One

OBD II = Onboard Diagnostics Two

o/c = off center

OC = a county in california near la

od = overdrive, also outside diameter

oe = original equipment, stock

oem = original equipment manufact

oh = overhead

ohc = overhead cam, generally single

ohd = overhead door

ohms = a measurement of resistance, ohms law voltage/ resistance = amps

OHV = overhead valve, a pushrod enging

o/s = offset, or off side

OS = Oxygen Sensor



PA = Pressure Air, or Atmospheric Pressure, or Pennsylvania State USA

PAIR = Pulsed Secondary Air Injection

PAS = Power-Assisted Steering

PAW = Performance Automotive Warehouse, a Mail Order Speed Parts Place

P/B = Power Brakes

pc = piece or personal computer, or politically correct

PCM = Powertrain Control Module

PCV = Positive Crankcase Ventilation

perf = performance

PFI = Port Fuel Injection

PGM-FI = Programmed Fuel Injection

PIP = Profile ignition pickup

P/N = Part Number

pnp = pick and pull, a self service junkyard, or port and polish of a cyl head, or park neutral safety switch

port = portable or inlet or enlarging or matching inlets

PPM = Parts Per Million

ps = powerstroke, gen refering to the intercooler or power stage

p/s = power steering

PRC = Programmed Ride Control, or Pressure Regulator Control

PRCSV = Pressure Regulator Cut-Off Solenoid Valve

PRCV = Pressure Regulator Control Valve

press = pressure

PRVR = Pressure Regulator Vacuum Release

PS = Power Steering, or powerstage

PSI = Pounds Per Square Inch

PSP = Power Steering Pressure

PSPS = Power Steering Pressure Switch

pt. = Pint

PTC = Pending Trouble Code, or Positive temperature coefficient: This is applied to the way the resistance of a thermistor varies with temperature.

PVS = Ported Vacuum Switch

PWR = Power, or Power to Weight Ratio

PWM = Pulse Width Modulated

PZ = Penta Cams from a aq 171, higher performance than stock b234f cams



q's = questions

q & a = questions and answers

Qt. = Quart

QWS = Quick Warmup System



R-ABS = Rear Anti-lock Breaking System

rack = rack and pinion or

RAM = Random Access Memory

rc = recirculate or remote control

rd = research and developement, or road, or radiator, or red

ref = refering or reference

reg = regular, regulator, or register

res = reservior, or resistance, or remains

RFI = Radio Frequency Interference

RHD = Right-Hand Drive

RICV = Rotary Idle Control Valve

r/m = remote

RnR = remove and replace

rod = connecting rod, internally filling a radiator, or red

ROM = Read Only Memory

RON = Rated Octane Number

RPM = revolutions per minute

rr = rear, or remove replace, or rolls royce

RRFPR= rising rate fuel pressure regulator

rtv = room temperature vulcanizing, a sealant that cure at room temp.

rv = recreational vehicle

rwd = rear wheel drive



sa = swept area

SAS = Speed Adjusting Screw

sb = small block,

sbc = small block chevy, v8

sbf = small block ford, v8 255-351

SC = Supercharged, or Spark Control

sch = schedule, gen ref to pipe thickness

SCP = Small Coolant Passages

SCV = Swirl Control Valves

SEFI = Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection

SES = Service Engine Soon (light) See also MIL, CEL

SFI = Sequential Fuel Injection

SIR = Supplemental Inflatable Restraints

SMJ = Super Multiple Junction

sn = serial number, or screen name, or sign

sohc = single overhead cam

spd = speed

spec = specification

SPI = Single Point Injection

SPOUT = Spark Out

srs = supplimental restraint system, gen refering to air bags

SRT = System Readiness Test,

ss = stainless steel or speed sensor,

SSI = Solid State Ignition

SST = Special Service Tool

STAR = Self Test Automatic Readout.

std = standard, or manual transmission

std d = standard dimension

STFT = Short Term Fuel Trim

STI = Self Test Input

STO = Self Test Output

stoich = stoichiometric, the chemically balanced a/f ratio

sut = sport utility truck, a four door truck with a short bed

suv = sports utility vehicle, for vain soccer moms

SWB = Short Wheel-Base

sychro = Syncromesh

sychros = Transmission Synchronizers



T = Turbo or a Factory Turbo Camshaft

t3 = a garrett turbo found on early turbo volvos

t3/4 = a hybrid turbo, using t3 and t4 parts

t4 = a garret turbo very large

t5 = a domestic(USA) manual transmission, or a fwd 5 cyl turbo eng

t56 = a six speed manual trans normally found in camaro and vipers

t6 = a turbo s80 engine

TA = Air Temperature

TAB = Thermactor Air By-pass

TACH = Tachometer

TAD = Thermactor Air Diverter

Tails = Taillights

TB = Throttle Body

TBI = Throttle Body Injection

TC = Turbo Coupe, Ford Thuderbird

TCA = Thermostatically Controlled Air (Cleaner)

TCC = Torque Converter Clutch

TCCS = Toyota Computer Controlled System

TCM = Transmission or Transaxle Control Module

TCS = Traction control solenoid, or Transmission Controlled Spark

TD = turbo diesel or touch down

TDC = Top Dead Center

TDI = turbo direct injection

temp = temperature

t/o = throw ot bearing

TFI = Thick Film Ignition

TI = titanium or turbo intercooler

TIC = Turbo intercooler, or Thermal Ignition Control

TICS = Triple Induction Control System

TID = Transmission Input Data

TIV = Thermactor Idle Vacuum Valve

TKS = Throttle Kicker Solenoid

TOCS = Throttle Opener Control System

TP = Throttle Positioner

TPI = tuned port injection, a mpfi, with timing matched intake runners

TPP = Throttle Position Potentiometer

TPS = Throttle Position Sensor

TPT = Throttle Position Transducer

trans = transmission

tranny = transmission

TSAS = Throttle Stop Adjustment Screw

TSP = Throttle Solenoid Position

TSW = a aftermarket wheel company

TT = Turbo Timer, or a Audi Model Car

Turbo = Turbocharger

TV = Throttle Valve, or television

T-VIS = Toyota Variable Induction System

TVS = Thermal Vacuum Switch

TVSV = Thermal Vacuum Switching Valve

TVV = Thermal Vacuum Valve

TWC = Three Way Catalyst

TWC+OC = Three Way + Oxidation Catalytic Converter

TWSV = Three-Way Solenoid Valve



ULP = Unleaded Gas

Univ = Universal, fit almost every-thing/one



V = Volts or valve or barrel

VAF = Volume Airflow, or Vane Airflow Sensor

VAT = Vane Air Temperature

VCC = Viscous Converter Clutch

VCM = Vehicle Control Module, or Vacuum Control Module

VCT = Variable Camshaft Timming

VCV = Vacuum Control Valve

VDC = Volts Direct Current

VDV = Vacuum Delay Valve

VES = Variable Exhaust System

VIC = Variable Inertia Control, or civic or victoria or victim

VICS = Variable Induction Control System

vol = volume

VPR = Voltage Protection Relay

VR = Voltage Regulator

VREF = Voltage Reference

VRIS = Variable Resonance Induction System

VS = Vehicle Sensor

VSS = Vehicle Speed Sensor

VSV = Vacuum Switching Valve

VT = Vermont, Eastern USA

VTEC = Variable Timming Electronic Control, Honda's varible camshaft timming system

VTV = Vacuum Thermal (or Transmitting) Valve

VVC = Variable Valve Control

VVT = Variable Valve Timing, or Venturi Vacuum Transducer



w = width, or watt

w/ = with

w/o = with out

WB = wide band

WBO2 = an oxygen sensor capable of reading a wide range of afr

WC = water column


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Golden Rule ;D  Snuck that right in didn't ya? Dan Lorenzo ….Lead American engineer for the product Fullflex Gold has devised a bigger better Ethanol conversion kit named ECO-FLEX. The reason for this new design was to develop a better, faster, more responsive ethanol conversion kit that would retail for a lower cost. As lead Engineer for the product Fullflex gold Dan Lorenzo was the prevailing Technician that allowed this product to actually work and run within the parameters necessary to achieve the EPA compliance.

Dan Lorenzo is the Lead Engineer documented on the EPA forms for the product Fullflex Gold…… He found that by using the old analog technology that the performance would be inferior and the  cost of this device to the public was far too expensive . By  choosing a digital unit that could be developed at a much lesser price, Not only could allow better performance to the vehicle but also allow less of a loss of fuel mileage when using ethanol. It has been documented that a loss of 10% fuel economy was found when using this digital technology and ethanol and a transparent fuel mileage when using gasoline.

This new digital technology is currently being sold world wide with great response from the public.

Dan Lorenzo, CEO of Xpertech Automotive Inc. will continue developing quality product to better serve the American and other countries in this time and need to become less dependant on foreign fuels.



Pretty good list!


Good Eye


I scanned the list the first time ..cant believe I missed the pretty girl :D

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Guest colchiro

I have a correction for N/A....


N/A = although generally attributed to "normally aspirated", or "non-turbo", really only used by those who really mean "still no turbo dammit" or "still can't afford no damn turbo dammit" or "no room for no damn turbo dammit" or "Santa still didn't give me no damn turbo dammit". It's an oxymoron in that the only people who use "n/a" truly believe that EVERY vehicle should have a blower or turbo charger and it's quite UNnatural for a vehicle to not have one.

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