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Bought a 2008 Jeep Wrangler

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Still like your Wrangler?


I'm looking for a 2004-2006 Jeep LJ Rubicon with no rust and with autotrans. I am basically wanting a great trail Jeep with road manners. Eventually it may get lifted into a mild rock crawler. The LJ is long wheelbase and the Rubicon in that year/series has Dana 44 axles with transfer case lockups.


How is it handling E85 now? I would like the ability to use E85, yet use gas on trail where E85 is rare and range is required.

So far love it..  I've added Navigation kit and a bullydog tuner so far .  no Problems at all running E85 ..yeah I have the cel now ..but ecm is compensating and short trims still hover around 0.00.  Using the BullyDog tuner the highest octane setting is 93 so I set it for that...even at Winter blend E85 Octane will be around 95 

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Thanks guys.


Good point on the engine being different and ability to handle alcohol being different BJ.  I will likely never move it in salt season- it will be shedded in winter. I have other transportation I can use on salty roads.

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