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Speedy Q... this is just sad.

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Speedy Q rarely, if ever, changes their E85 price at all. The price of $3.24 has been there since June as far as I can remember, and I believe the price of $3.25 they had before had been there for two years!


Well wouldn't you know it, with E85 remaining at $3.249/gallon, and gasoline prices tumbling... well, I think you can see where this is going.


Absolutely unbelievable. With ethanol going for less than $1.60/gallon right now, this station in Lapeer, MI must be making at least $1/gallon on anyone who is dedicated enough to buy E85 at that price. Speedy Q has two other E85 stores... I'd hate to see how bad those stores have it.


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Could you imagine a station keeping the same GAS price for that long regardless of prices, markets or demand? Are there some government fleets nearby that keep their pumps from collecting cob-webs? If so, I'd file a complaint with that organization accusing the station of defrauding them of funds, but abusing their mandate to use fuel, by charging outlandishly high prices! Maybe copy their management in on the complaint! Maybe even the local newspaper/TV station...


"Name and Shame" the price gougers and con-artists that are giving this fuel a black eye, and being rewarded for it by tax payer dollars!

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