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New E85 in Plano, TX

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New Corner Store Valero in Plano, TX. I could not find it on the E85prices.com website so I think it is one we do not have yet. I was unable to dig up a phone number Dan, but it is listed on the Corner Store Valero website with a price for E85 being $2.89/gallon and Regular being $3.19/gallon.


Corner Store #1565

7040 W. Spring Creek Parkway

Plano, TX 75024


E85: $2.89

Regular: $3.19

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is that "regular" price for e10 or e0?


You can go ahead and post this price. Texas is very close to turning yellow (15% spread), it would be nice for a first post new station to be the one that does it!


These prices MAY not be enough to help though!

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Gasisoutrageous is that really the number?! I found that too but thought yea right that's not it so I didn't even call it lol! Husker that regular is E10. I don't know of any station carrying E85 that carries E0 as well. I know there are a few stations left that carry E0, but how long they will hold on to it I don't know. One station I pass regularly that carries E0 outside of the Dallas area is always $3.85-$3.99 a gallon for E0 and it is the 92 octane super so it's not even regular 87 octane. Pure-gas website lists only 85 gas stations in Texas that sell E0 anymore. Thank goodness there are more E85 stations.

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