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E85 pricing in Colorado -- something smells funny

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I've been tracking prices among stations and locations in Colorado, and something is not right here.


 After viewing the Iowa RFA site , and their efforts to show the world how pricing can work,  I started looking 


 for E85 wholesale pricing in other locations in the US.


 What I found was -- pricing here is off -- way off --- about a dollar off -- from everywhere else. 


 It seems to start at the rack, and work it's way down to the local stations.  You can even see this in the cost


 of gas as reported by our pals at GasBuddie. I compare the fuel cost as it crosses the state lineat the Kansas


 border, and see an immediate 30 cent jump... Why??  Could it be the mis-matched price at the rack causing


all of this??   The RINs value of EtOH will need to be factored in here , but how is it everyone else's  fuel costs


are down except here??   An example:  rack price of ethanol  (I presume, here)  in Commerce City,CO


is reported at $2.95.  In Kansas City, out of the way of the midwest rail bottleneck, I can get straight ethanol for


under $2.00/gal -- alot less than $2.00..  Put some on rails, get it here , dump it in the tank farm, and -viola --


an instant $1.00 markup.  


  How well is it working in your state???

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I LOVE how Iowa posts the wholesale rack prices across the state with contact information!  EVERY state needs to do this!


Shine some light on the shady dealings going on in the shadows!  These profit skimmers are driving up the price of ethanol, making it harder for consumers to justify using the fuel...  THIS gives ethanol a bad name.


If every retailer had access to e85 at $1.35/gallon...  even with shipping, tax and a slight markup...  EVERY retailer would be able to pass on a 25-30% spread, making e85 a no-brainer choice for FFV operators!

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Would be a good state to try Mary Jane-Ethanol distillation in too!



  Actually,  hemp - farming is  now allowed in Colorado,  in certain areas, and under much scrutiny ---  but it's a start.


 We may see yet another feedstock for 3rd generation ethanol .... with benefits  

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