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A boatload of new stations!

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Just accidentally found a recently remodeled BP that is now selling E85 coming home from work tonight, it's at;


St. Charles BP

1745 East Main St. (AKA Rt. 64 or North Ave.)

St. Charles, IL 60174

Thanks Joe.. I'l get to it

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No problem Dan, it was kind of a "SQUIRELL!!!!!" moment when I saw it as I drove past. I usually drove past that one since it's one of only 2 stations in that area and usually they have been on the expensive side for the entire 15 years I worked on that side of town........still are, E85 was $3.19 and regular was $3.74, it's common enough that between those tendancies and being a BP station, I was kinda surprised that they had that good of a spread, let alone not a negative spread!

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Got another new station to list, so new that the pumps aren't even open yet!


Speedway #5393

15 Randall Rd

North Aurora, IL 60542

(630) 896-4211


It was an existing station a couple miles from work that Dad and I saw was getting new tanks and pumps a couple weeks back so I have been watching it. Stopped by after work tonight and was told the pumps will be open for business as of next week on September 19th! I'll swing by after work that night to check it out!

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