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Pumps are critically slow... that's a good thing!

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I've had this issue a number of times before, actually. Most notably was the Shell in Benton Harbor, where both times I've filled, it has taken 15-20 minutes to fill the tank. Even worse, the shut off nozzle didn't work, resulting in E85 spilling down the side of the Sebring. Guess I can't take my eyes off the nozzle for 20 seconds. As luck would have it, I called Michigan Department of Agriculture, and they found no issues with the nozzle.


Anyways, I filled at the J&H Marathon in Carriage Hills in East Lansing yesterday, for the first time in months. It was horribly slow. The kids who pulled up to the other side of the pump to fill their Impala (with E85 nonetheless!), started chatting me up because they were having the same issue. One of them was asking my about the Charger, and then asked me if there was another good place to fill up with E85 in the Lansing area. My dad put this really well last night, when he said "it's like asking the pope if he knows anything about being catholic".


I went in to the station and asked if they had been selling a lot of E85, and the shift leader replied "oh, all day". Remember, this is the same station where the manager essentially called me stupid for using ethanol. Apparently they've had complaints about the ethanol pump before, and the other cashier asked me "is it out again"?


I talked with Mitch about it, and he told me that the filter just needs to be changed. I suspect this has to do with the astronomical increase in E85 sales these stations are seeing. After all, you name a race, walk of life, age, type of vehicle, profession, or attractiveness/appearance, and odds are I've seen it at the E85 pump.

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