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6% Ethanol Production Increase using the cellulose fiber in corn kernels

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Really interesting read.. nice to see they are making pretty big production increases by being able to the cellulose in in the kernel



A farmer-owned refinery in Iowa that recently produced ethanol from corn fiber made a bit of biofuel history, which may be a prelude to more developments to come.

Quad County Corn Processors hiked its ethanol production by about 6 percent by devising a technology for creating ethanol from the cellulose fiber in corn kernels, a material otherwise generally considered a useless byproduct.

The Quad County plant, which produces about 35 million gallons of conventional ethanol from corn starch each year, is likely to produce another 2 million gallons next year using the new technology, said the company’s chief executive officer, DeLayne Johnson.

“We’re getting more ethanol out of the same bushels of corn,” Johnson said.

That first-ever commercial-scale production of ethanol from corn fiber is likely to be followed by several other developments in coming months. Syngenta, an agricultural biotechnology company, in April bought the rights to sell the Quad County technology, known as “Adding Cellulosic Ethanol” (ACE), to other ethanol plants.

“We think there’s a real opportunity for ethanol plants to make additional profit,” said Jack Bernens, Syngenta’s head of marketing and stakeholder relations. “We think a lot of ethanol plants will move in that direction.”



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like corn oil extraction...  I'd look for this "bolt on system" to be added to nearly every corn ethanol plant in the country in the next few years.


what is the corn ethanol production total these days?  14billion?


If so, 2% of 14billion= 280million gallons...  this would be good start at providing that "mythical imaginary fuel" that the oil industry keeps trying to tell people simply doesn't exist.


Add this to the stover-ethanol now starting (typically 25mgy per plant), trash-ethanol, wood mass-ethanol... and many other feedstocks in the pipeline.

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