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2015 Chrysler 200 not flex fuel :(

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What's up Joe! Same Black Knight as on 200 forums. I assume it's the same "BJoe". I had a 2013 Touring S - I now have the 15 S AWD it was the least expensive V6 on the lot. FWD V6's were more than mine (all C's). With incentives I paid 3k more than my old car, but this time 1.9% on my loan. I now have factory remote start and heated seats with this one, as well as all the new standard features like proximity key etc..,

The new one gets better MPG on E85 than the old one. My wife's 13 200 limited gets terrible mileage now that it's been tuned. Probably would get better if I were to ease out of the throttle.. but it's difficult.

Ah, I saw the name and wondered if that was you, good to see you on here too now! Kinda wondered how it would do for mileage on E85 with the 9 speed in it. As for the whole easing into the throttle thing, I understand fully, it's hard not to willingly leave some stoplights with the front tires lit on my '12 Touring and I even had the fronts spinning almost all the way through an intersection where a drunk or distracted driver didn't seem to notice me, or the freshly changed from red light I was sitting at. Spun those cheapo LS2's just enough to get the car rolling, then about the time I thought it was going to hook up, I opend the taps all the way....and kept them lit for nearly the rest of the intersection........danged LS2's!

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