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Convenient timing... right as I backed my car into the driveway at the mom's place, the odometer hit 160,000 miles! I bought the E85mobile at 114,450 miles or so, and it hit 114,500 when I brought it home that first night. By the way, going out to look at this car is how I found the Valero in Wixom. Anyways, I used E30 from immediately after I got home, to 117,820 miles, when I first put in E85. That is about 42,000 miles on straight up E85, with all of 6 gallons of gasoline used in that time.


To top it off, this means that I have hit 15,000 miles on this oil change. The guys at Valvoline were really talking up E85 when I went there yesterday for a top-off - the one guy was bragging to the other employee about how I'm dispelling a lot of myths about ethanol. The oil still looks spotless and as if it was just put in. A trip out to Illinois, the trip to Florida, a trip to northern Michigan, several trips to Flint, as well as a trip to northern Michigan have all been in this oil change. At this rate, I'm hoping to get to 20k before getting the oil changed again.


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