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WHAT the heck is up in Oregon?

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I periodically like to check out what the state average is in states.... see if any are getting close to going yellow on the map...


WHAT the heck is up in Oregon?  Seriously!


Olson Brothers

Milwaukee  (suburb of Portland)


gas price $3.87

e85 price $4.31

spread 11%


WHAT in the HELL is THIS!

Seriously, they are selling the EXACT SAME FUEL in Michigan for nearly $2 per gallon less!


I always thought the "Fruits, Nuts & Flakes" out there were all about saving the planet?  Turns out they are the "screw the planet, lets jack up the price, make insane profits off of mandated users (government vehicles) and force everyone else to use dirty petro/dino fuel..." sort of environmentalists... <_<:blink:


NICE, way to go hippie morons!

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Lack of demand AND supply maybe? I know that the Cascadia region is very environmentally friendly. They are well known for all the hippies, hipsters, and conservationists living there. Their farming is mostly irrigated. That coupled with environmental regulations on Ethanol plants. It could have something to do with a distinct lack of Ethanol subsidies compared to Michigan. They also require Gasoline to meet the CARB oxygenated blend requirements. Premium gasoline is 91 AKI which is called piss gas.


It warrants some investigation to be sure. I've been researching the area for awhile. So I'll let you know if I find anything out.

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