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“actual cellulosic biofuel production in 2013..810,000 Gallons

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...which miraculously was the exact amount actually produced  :D


Seems to be pretty common in federal predictions and reports...  just astounding how they always just seem to nail those predictions right on the head, simply astounding! ;):rolleyes:   Reports out of Washington are getting to be more like what we were getting out of Baghdad during the invasion a decade ago... not much faith in the validity or accuracy at all.  What is scary, is that these "factual reports" are used to drive the markets, which in turn drive our economy.


All based on lies.  Lies that could be yours if you grease the right wheels, or have the proper connections...


(sorry to go political, but I think this is one complaint that both the left and the right can agree on, it is not just ONE party, it is the whole corrupt system)

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