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Grassley questions oil companies

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    Grassley Demands Answers on Ethanol From Oil Execs

    By Jeremy Jacobs

    The Hill


    Friday 04 May 2007


    Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) demanded Friday that Big Oil executives explain why their companies' testimony on ethanol in a committee hearing last year contradicts the practices revealed in a recent article.


    In four similar letters to the chief executives of ExxonMobil, British Petroleum, Chevron and Conoco Phillips, Grassley says an April 2 Wall Street Journal article revealed ethanol policies that gainsay the protocols the companies discussed under oath in a March 14, 2006 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.


    "Your testimony before the committee clearly stated that ExxonMobil was perfectly willing to allow the sale of alternative fuels at ExxonMobil stations," Grassley wrote ExxonMobil chief executive Rex Tillerson. "However, a recent Wall Street Journal article … detailed many of the obstacles your company and other major integrated oil companies apparently use to effectively prohibit or strongly discourage the sale of alternative fuels."


    The senator also noted some of the specific practices oil companies have engaged in to deter the sale of ethanol.


    "Chevron's agreement with franchises discourages selling E-85 [ethanol] under the main canopy and includes policies that are claimed to prevent franchises from deceiving customers as to the source of the product," he said in his letter to Chevron chief executive David O'Reilly.


    Grassley, a staunch supporter of developing E-85 ethanol as an alternative to gasoline, said the article shows the companies are "a key obstacle to expanding the availability of alternative fuels" and asked each executive to reconcile their companies' testimony with the findings of the article by May 25.


    "Renewable fuels are a key factor in our energy future," Grassley said in a statement Friday. "And it appears Big Oil is throwing up roadblocks every chance they get."



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Can't we send him a collective "Thank You" from the forum, somehow ??


That sounds like a good idea.. Anyone want to start drafting a letter under the "Politics" category and then everyone can offer suggestions on any changes ..after it is to everyones satisfaction I will email his office from E85Vehicles.com/e85 forum address.  I can also Fax the thank you to his office .


after the "Thank You"  is to everyones satisfaction I will delete the working draft in the Politics category and we we can attach the final version to this thread or a separate "Thank You thread.



While I certainly support Senators Grassely's efforts keep in mind this has been one of my main rants (E85 at Oil Company properties). I could care less if E85 is on "Oil Property" where they then have pricing controls.


I'd rather see the politicians efforts go toward mandating certain percentage of Ethanol profits (and even the oil compannies profits to fund this)going towards Ethanol building out their own E85 Stations infrastructure and keeping the pricing under direct control of Ethanol .


These makes for a far more competitive situation , open market competition is what will keep the prices low for consumers..E85 as well as Gasoline prices in those markets .

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