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CO2 from ethanol for "enhanced oil recovery" in Nebraska.

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Ethanol coproduct to be used in enhanced oil recovery

Australia-based Elk Petroleum Inc. recently announced it has finalized and executed a binding agreement with Nebraska-based Bridgeport Ethanol LLC. Under the agreement, Elk Petroleum will purchase carbon dioxide generated at Bridgeport’s 50 MMgy ethanol plant and use it for enhanced oil recovery projects at nearby oil fields, including the Singleton oil field.


The agreement was first announced on Nov. 27 and was finalized one month later on Dec. 27. According to Elk Petroleum, the agreement provides a 10 year term with possible extensions. The company also noted that it has a three-year option period before starting carbon dioxide purchase from Bridgeport Ethanol. During that time, carbon dioxide compression facilities and a carbon dioxide pipeline can be constructed.


Elk Petroleum has estimated that the Bridgeport Ethanol plant produces approximately 150,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year, or approximately 7 million cubic feet per day. The company also noted that the carbon dioxide is almost pure and requires minimum processing other than compression and dehydration.



This is out in the Panhandle of Nebraska, north of the northeast corner of Colorado for those of you not familiar with the state... not far from the home of the world famous Cabelas in Sydney!


Just curious what THIS sort of set up would do for the carbon footprint of ethanol for export to the PRK (Peoples Republik of Kalifornia)?  I'd think that sequestering the CO2 from the fermentation deep in the bowls of the earth... would have to make this a pretty "clean ethanol" for those carbon conscious users of the fuel...

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I don't know what the problem is...  I can see my post, as well as all the others that some people are not able to see...


I don't know if this new system is having a problem with some operating systems... but I'm using Firefox if that helps.

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FWIW, I can see content in FF26 and IE11.  We go through this issue periodically.  Last time it happened, it seemed like it might have been a character set which wasn't installed in some browsers.  Funny how it sort of comes and goes over the years, though.


One thread - which actually references a second:



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