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This is a test/Intro

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Seem's like new topics are empty, so here's my first thread, kind of assuming most of you can't see it.


New guy here, first FFV was a 02 Suburban, wife drove it most of the time, goe 12.5 mpg with E85, 15 with E10, about 18% loss.  Now she's driving a 2010 Impala FFV until lately with the cold weather she go 23.5 with E82  27-28 with E10.  I think the same 18% loss.  Lately she's down to 22 mpg but it's cold outside. 


Been playing with E blends in all my other cars, 98 Stratus, 03 Malibu and my daily driver 09 Cobalt XFE.  Cobalt good to mid 40's without CEL,  recently got a blender pump that's convienient so going to be use E30 for a while.  May convert with Jonny to full FFV yet this year. 


Well anyway, can you see any of this?





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