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3 new THORNTONS stations dispensing E-85 in the Tampa Bay area

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  Thorntons # 702

425 East Brandon Blvd

Brandon ,Fl


Thorntons #700


1698 Gulf to Bay Blvd

  Clearwater ,Fl


Thorntons # 701


8875 Ulmerton Road

  Largo ,Fl



      Also .the Thornton site said they are already working on opening 20 more in the area

    We are hoping for Thorntons to expand all over Florida ,since it is full of FF cars and very underserved by E-85 PUMPS



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That is truly great news- Sarasota, Tampa, Siesta Key, and Venice area is where my family likes to visit. Every time we would fly into Tampa, rent an FFV, fly down the coast with thousands of other FFVs and NOT ONE E85 station existed. It seemed every car was either 1) an FFV or 2) a BMW- therefore since every car could not be a Beemer- there were a ton of FFVs ;D  I have complained about the lack of E85 there for years- even tried to work out a rail direct deal to the company out of Tampa who used to distribute ethanol to the state of FL to no avail.

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